Milford Graves & FULL MANTIS in Artforum, March 2018

"...The work is an elegant and patient portrait of Graves, filmed on location in his South Jamaica home and supplemented with archival footage, photographs and audio recordings. Meginsky and Young move deftly among three spaces that define the basic spheres of Graves' activity: his basement studio, packed with masks, books, musical instruments and computer equipment; a backyard garden bursting with medicinal herbs and edible plants; and the garage where Graves teaches 'yara,' a martial art he invented in the 70s. The film's editing style matches the alternation between tension and relaxation central to Graves' account of the central nervous system, cutting between scorching performance footage and meditative passages in which camera and sound recorder dwell on the audio-visual delights of Graves' fantastical world." - Christoph Cox

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